locksmith, rekey, deadbolt, lock change, lock repair, John's Lock & KeyJust how do John's Lock & Key prices stack up?

2017 National Average  vs  John's Lock & Key

Trip: $72                                                           Trip: $60

Hourly Rate: $62                                            Hourly Rate: $60

Rekey: $19                                                        Rekey: $15

Master Rekey: $23                                          Master Rekey: $20

Impression Key: $37                                      Impression Key: $30

Install Deadbolt: $60                                     Install Deadbolt: $45

Single Cut Key: $2.71                                      Single Cut Key: $3

*Our key copies include complimentary items like "Do Not Duplicate" blanks, key stamping, and paper tags as needed.

*All of our rates are based upon the criteria in the Locksmith Flat Rate Manuel. 

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