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Do all the exterior doors have a 1" deadbolt?


Is the hole in the door frame at least 1" deep?


Is the strike secured into the frame by long screws?


Are all doors latching smoothly and properly?


Do latches on out swing doors have a latch guard?


Do all knobs or levers have a working deadlatch?


Do all mortise cylinders have a ring guard?


Are exit devices closing and latching each time?  




Did you rekey the locks upon taking possession?


Are all of the existing keys accounted for?


Do all non-manager keys have "Do Not Duplicate"?*


Did you rekey after the last employee turnover?


Are you sure no unauthorized keys have been made?*


*With the new "Minute Key" and similar automated key machines "Do Not Duplicate" is no longer effective. The only way to insure key control is by having an exotic or restricted keyway installed.


If you answered "No" to any of these questions than your security may be at risk. Contact me now and let me know what the particular issue is. Be it a lock change, lock repair, or other locksmith services together we can get you saying confidently: "Yes, my home and business are secure!" I can also help with lock hardware replacement, window security, and cabinet lock issues.

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